May 21, 2009

Silverware, tattoos and your bosses shoes: how and why you should read between the lines

Here is a random blog entry of a few great stories I want to share (and a joke at the end).

Good and bad ways to start a word-of-mouth frenzy:

What your bosses shoes can teach you:

Signs you should hide the good silverware:

And now for a leadership joke…

“There are four keys to leadership:
1. Confidence
2. A folder
3. A pencil with a rubber on the end
4 The ability to say "ok guys" after a single hand clap”


neon stars said...

Hi Allison, Ellen Walsh here. I've come to your blog with a fresh pair of eyes as I'm in my final 6 months really! of my Performing Arts Management degree. I love it but it's hard when I now have two years below me looking to me for guidance! Ah! This and your "Live Knowing This.." blogs are interesting reading and helpful too for giving me a different perspective.
Hope you're well.

Allison O'Neill said...

Hi Ellen, Yep I'm great. Pleased to hear you are doing well. Yay you on nearly finishing your study - how great will it feel to be done!! You are gonna be a star! :) Allison