May 14, 2009

The effect beauty has on hiring staff

Check out the below great blog post about 'Hiring and Promoting Good-Looking People' by the magnificent James Adonis ( who is a leading expert on employee engagement and the author of ‘Employee Enragement: Why people hate working for you’.

Even if we don't think we are being swayed by someones good looks, it seems at some 'science-y' level we can't help it. Feel free to share your thoughts, stories or questions about this in the comments below :)


Sean said...

Hi Allison,

I showed the article to a colleague in automotive industry recruiting. He observed that the survey "found that two-thirds of Australian employees believe that good-looking people are more likely to have successful careers".

We are intrigued to know if the people surveyed also:

1. Considered themselves to have successful careers.
2. Considered themselves to be good-looking.

If the answer is no to both 1 and 2, it could be unsuccessful people attributing their lack of success to something that they perceive to be fairly and reasonably outside their control (their looks) rather than accepting that it it is due to something in their control (their education, job skills, attitude, etc.)

Allison O'Neill said...

A very good point Sean.