January 6, 2009

Will you be a fab boss in 2009?

If you can agree with the statements below you are set to be a fab boss this year. If you can't honestly agree with the below statements, get working on yourself!

I actively seek things to congratulate my workers on
I am nothing without my great team
I constantly bend over backwards to ensure my staff are happy
I am here to serve my workers (it is not the other way around!)
We have fun, fresh workplace policies that reward and inspire workers
I would rather unblock a toilet myself than get a staff member to do it
I embrace the changes and modernization of the workplace – it doesn’t scare me
There are no unnecessary strict policies here - I am open to flexibility
I keep no secrets from my team
I am very aware of the personal sacrifices my team make for work
I constantly ponder my leadership skills and learnings
I am always growing my self awareness – I am my harshest critic
I am not scared of ‘the yuck’ in our workplace - I address it
I sweat even ‘the small stuff’ to ensure our workplace is bliss for workers
Our values are modern, human and fun (i.e. “don’t be a jerk”)
I insist on a ‘no bitching’ policy – everything should be in the open
I insist staff tell me if they ever think I’m being an arsehole
I am kind and courteous even while under huge stress
I have a no bullshit policy – truth and delivery on everything

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