December 3, 2008

A fun boss at Christmas

I was at the NZ Post Shop the other day and asked the lovely lady “what is with all the confetti on the carpet?” She said the boss had gone mad before they opened the doors this morning and run about sprinkling confetti because he is so excited about Christmas. She told me I’d see him coming with his flashing Santa hat and hear him coming with his Christmas carolling. It really made me laugh because a) he sounds like a hoot of a boss that goes mad bounding about the place with confetti and b) I have never heard of a MALE being that excited about Christmas at work. All the blokes I’ve ever worked with were SERIOUS Christmas grinches. I’m not just talking about grinch bosses – but male staff of all levels. In one workplace we were not allowed to play Christmas carols until Christmas Eve and even then they got switched off after an hour or so because “they got annoying”. It was just as well I don’t mind overriding authority – I pushed play again in no time.

I found this NZ Post Shop bosses excitement so refreshing – I think the staff member I spoke to appreciates his genius more now I told her my stories!

It’s a funny time of year. A lot of businesses are super busy, the customers are stressed, the staff may be feeling financially stretched and there are a million do’s on. I think creating an atmosphere of cheer, fun and excitement should be a priority to stop stress running the show. The Christmas grinch attitude doesn’t serve anyone. I know there are plenty of female grinches out there too “I’m NOT wearing a stupid Santa hat” “Those Christmas lights are flashing in my eyes”. If you are stuck working with one don’t let their negative energy drag you down – don your hat, get singing and enjoy this fun wrap up of 2008!

If anyone has any great workplace Christmas stories do share!

P.S. Sorry about the dead links in my “Managing without Managers” post, if you go here the links all work.

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