October 14, 2008

Steve Irwin: best boss in the world.

I adore Steve Irwin. I think that if we all had a bit of Steve in us the world would be a much better place. Anyone who isnt enjoying their job or hasn’t found their passion needs to just look at Steve to see what life can be like. I wish Steve opened a ‘boss school’ before he was taken from us too soon. He could teach bosses a thing or three. I have a mental list of people that I believe are totally authentic. Steve is at the top of that list. He was never hiding anything. He didn’t hold anything back. You never wondered if he was telling the truth. He was real. Such deep authenticy is not that common – which is why my list is quite a short one. If you want a 200% example of passion, drive, energy, fun, truth, excitement, action, great strategy, clairty and knowledge just look at Steve. Any boss that can also sport that list would be a fab one. An interviewer once asked Steve about his energy. He asked if he ever drinks coffee. Steve quickly answered “nah mate the top of my head would blow off”. Classic! Our work is supposed to get us as excited as Steve always was. If you are in the right role then it is possible. It is the bosses job to also get staff so pumped in their role they resemble Steve. I think when Steve was here we thought he was funny, intelligent and great to watch. Now that he is gone, I think we’ve realised SH*IT that guy is a genius. We need to live and think like him. Of all the people that have impacted our world and lives, I think he is the one that can change our world the most. Especially in our work.

To get more Steve into your life:
* Brainstorm what ‘being like Steve’ means to you.
* If Steve were the boss in your workplace, how would things be different?
* Think about your role and what about it makes you ‘Steveish’
* Forget all this doom and gloom crap and be positive - it is a choice.
* Imagine what it would be like if all your workers were like Steve (performance and profit would be through the roof) then figure out what it will take for you to make that happen.

Crikey! The world just became a much brighter place.

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